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Posted on Dec 6, 2014

Deploying autonomous vehicles

Deploying autonomous vehicles

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Over the past 24 months, almost every major vehicle manufacturer, supplier and technology company has announced projects or collaborations around the autonomous vehicles (AVs) theme. While the notion of AVs has been alive for some time through science ction and various media, the urgency to make them a reality has gathered pace as companies outside the auto industry have illustrated the feasibility and benets that self-driving vehicles present. The deployment of AVs today is less about technological capabilities and more about the ability of stakeholders to handle the various commercial and governance complexities associated with having such vehicles on the road.


  • AVs offer several benefits once deployed, however, the road to autonomous driving has a number of challenges that will need to be resolved to achieve a sustainable mobility ecosystem in the future.
  • Given the implementation complexities, we expect AVs to be launched through multiple controlled scenarios in and around urban areas.
  • As the benets outweigh the costs, and liability, safety and security concerns are addressed, these controlled scenarios will expand and merge across vast urban areas and eventually integrate intercity mobility as well.
  • AVs represent a signicant paradigm shift to the mobility ecosystem — not only a technological revolution, but a value chain transformation. The commercial deployment of AVs will have far-reaching implications for stakeholders across all levels of the mobility value chain.